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Rieks Construction develops complete production equipment and machine solutions for the industry. We develop both hardware and software to large and small projects of varying complexity.

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 All our products are developed in our own office using 3D CAD tools and also constructed in our own facilities. This ensures a final product that has been thoroughly designed and tested before construction.

When we design and construct, we emphasise simplicity and functionality to make certain that production is stable and faultless.

Made in Denmark

Rieks Construction ApS is a Danish producer of machines with a focus on functionality.

Our machines are designed in Denmark and are produces, assembled, commissioned, and tested in our own workshop.

We are thorough in choosing and testing the products we use and production methods to deliver stable, secure, and consistent production that will ultimately give our customers stable and reliable machines.

Fast Delivery

Because we run design, production, tests, and commissioning hands-on, we can speed up the delivery of our products. This minimises waiting time for our customers after they make an order.

Moreover, we have made arrangements, with suppliers that deliver products with long delivery times, that they keep these components in Danish warehouses.

Rieks Select Products

Pallet changer

Pallet Magazine

Pallet Turner

Why Choose Rieks Construction?

Rieks Construction ensures quality, innovation, and skilled employees when delivering a project. We believe that good collaboration and passion creates the best results. The advantage, from choosing Rieks Construction to solve your project, is that you get innovative and user-friendly solutions with solid documentation. As early as the initial projecting faze, we are in dialogue with you to ensure the best possible and optimal solution for your project. For instance, we ensure that the type and size of the electric panel, the PLC-programming, PC and HMI-software are chosen to match the concrete project requirements.